BCEE Internet Banking : whenever, wherever ...

Standard features of the S-net solution are :



  • execution of Eurotransferts and other transfers,
  • standing order payments,
  • management of direct debits,
  • management of term deposits
    • deposit
    • withdrawal
  • managment of future movements,
  • management of the beneficiaries of your payments

All Eurotransferts executed via S-net are free with ZEBRA Premium. 

Personal loan

  • simulation of a personal loan & calculation of the monthly rates
  • fill in of a request for a personal loan and transmission of the data to BCEE in order the loan request to be processed.

Financial instruments

  • stock search in our database of over 6.000 stocks while using various search criteria
  • purchase and sale of shares at a special rate on the major European and American stock exchanges, modification or cancelation of orders before execution. The estimated gross amount calculated for the S-net transaction is based on the last known closing price to which the stock fees have to be added
  • the buy and sell of ETFs on the principal stock exchanges, respectively the modification or the cancellation of these orders before execution. The available ETFs cover the principal and most liquid financial market indices.
  • subscribe and redeem parts of BCEE Sicavs, of funds from other promoters
  • the order book
  • open, check, modify and cancel S-Invest standing orders
  • search for and subscribe to bonds on the primary market, buy bonds on the primary and secondary markets

Credit Cards

  • check outstanding amounts and transaction details over a period of 18 months with the use of credit cards


  • exchange secure messages through S-net
  • view or print BCEE documents

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S-net Mobile

  • discover S-net Mobile, the S-net version specifically adapted for iPhone and Android smartphones.

S-net Consultation

  • S-net Consultation : the ideal solution if you want to allow a close relative to keep an eye on your account movements.